What's that? You feel like hearing a spoken word tribute to Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska? WELL YOU ARE IN LUCK!

For the latest edition of Cordite I stepped aside as spoken word editor for my comrade Sean M Whelan to take the curatational reins  (that's so not a word, I know) He made a special Liner Notes edition  bringing together some excellent writers *including me, blows on nails* who each responded to a track off Bruce Springsteen's  iconic album, Nebraska. It's got roads, coyote's, cowboys, grandma's, eagles and there's even a chicken in a car. It's definitely worth  pouring a hot cup of whiskey, finding  a highway somewhere (that preferably has a few tumbleweeds) and giving your ears a little poetic road trip... A note from the *ahem* liner notes of the Liner Notes

"Here’s how it works, choose a classic iconic album. For each track on that album, allocate a writer. Their task is to write and perform a response to their chosen track, anyway they choose. Over the years since Liner Notes began the works have been songs, stories, poems, non-fiction deeply personal accounts, raps, even experimental dance performances. Some pieces directly reference the songs they are responding to, some will just riff off a single line or image. The works are performed on the night in the order they appear on the album with a break taken between side A & side B (respect to vinyl). A tribute night with a very important difference, brand new original work is born from it."

-Sean M Whelan

Side A.

Nebraska - Neil Boyack Atlantic City - Josephine Rowe Mansion On The Hill - Omar Musa Johnny 99 - Gabriel Piras Highway Patrolman - Samuel Wagan Watson State Trooper - Eric Dando

Side B.

Used Cars - Jessica Alice Open All Night - Josh Earl My Father's House - Alicia Sometimes Reason To Believe - Emilie Zoey Baker Born in the USA* - Ben Pobjie

*Bonus track

Editors note: *Eleven writers? ‘But there’s only ten songs on Nebraska!’ I hear you indignant Bossaphiles shout! Well, at the time of the recording of Nebraska, Springsteen also recorded a bunch of demos, several of which would later appear more fleshed out on a little-known album called Born In The USA. So we decided to include a special Bonus Track to honour this.