The only thing holding women back is women.
52% but in descent.
Not numbers-wise, wise-wise.
You say that to a young girl and she will spit back that she’s no man-hater.
Feminism is not her
It didn’t do anything for her, not being able to vote is just a blur.
She wants to wear a bra,
she wants her breasts to go high and far
she’s not afraid of the
Feminism means being old, unattractive and slightly insane,
thanks to the only one that’s got any fame,
but this is not about blame.
This is not about man-hating
This is about women-loving.

This is fannyism –
the new feminism.

It’s time to get pissed off
about women getting surgery.
We accept an airbrushed ideal that isn't even real.
Botox injections,
labia reductions,
bitchy projections,
arse suctions.
Wake up and smell the noses.
14-year-olds selling us clothes with heroin eyes and matchstick thighs.
The porn industry.
News flash
Pounding our arses mercilessly
on the side of a pool table is not exactly how we enjoy sex.
And what the hell happened to our pubic hair?
Film clips full of rap stars
singing about their cocks,
four boobs in each ear
balancing someone’s beer.
Chicks in tittie tittie bang gangs
waving their arses, singing,
‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me, don’t you wish your girlfriend was
fun like me?’

Go the sisterhood.

We gotta get angry, we gotta get busy,
because the next potentially bulimic, anorexic, suicidal generations depend on it.
It’s okay to wear a bra,
it’s okay to have long beautiful hair
and it doesn’t have to be on your legs.
It’s okay to love your brothers
and your fathers,
because no matter what you do
they’re gonna love you.
Girl Power is not some spice girl pop hurl.
Empowerment is not
giving head behind the shelter shed.
It’s not some woman taking off her clothes on the cover of Ralph and saying,
‘It’s because I’m comfortable with my body'.
It’s essential we realize the potential.
52% and time for ascent.

This is fannyism.

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