Here are some poems and performances from various times and various places:



This is a picture of me trying to play the violin. I obviously can't play the violin. 

For the Red Room Company:

I wrote a poem for kids! Commissioned by The Red Room Australia it's about a hat with tiny woolen ears, when I put it on, I can hear secret things...

For Women Of Letters, Indonesia 

My Letter Dear All The Women Who Ever Existed Over The Entire Span Of Human History is now a video! Directed by Semiconductor Media, music by Andrew Watson. E P I C

For I Am Woman

Me performing Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech .A cobbled together smartphone video performance as part of 'I am Woman'. A one night only Boon Companions event at the Bella Union. with the incredible Ladychoir 

For Liner Notes

The best spoken word event in the whole universe is Liner Notes and the Ziggy Stardust edition was my absolute favourite mainly cause David Bowie was there. HE WAS, WATCH!

My tribute to David Bowie's Rock And Roll Suicide

For No Real Reason

My poem: Get A Job!

performed live at the Apollo Bay Winter Wild Festival. July 2017.


Speaking of David Bowie

here's a story about that time he came round to my house with Bing Crosby originally published on The Writers Bloc

              I wrote a piece for the Monthly!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.40.44 am
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 11.40.44 am

Published in the 2014 Summer edition about the strange and wonderful time I had at the annual Channel Country Ladies day in Betoota, QLD. The smallest town in THE WHOLE WORLD. SERIOUSLY. 

For The Inspired Word NYC


for the 2011 TEDx Melbourne 

I was super chuffed and SUPER nervous so ignore the rambling bit at the beginning...


As part of the National Year of Reading 2012

the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations funded a project for professional writers to visit very different workplaces in each state of Australia. Mine was a residency in 7 Victorian Museums, this is the result

Here is a trailer for the short film

(that sadly never got made) Dragon Seed by Barney Danger. I trained for three days with those knives. I am in a catsuit. I like being in a catsuit with knives (DER)


For The Next Wave

We Were Told It Was A Party was originally published in A View From Here, 19 Perspectives On Feminism as part of The Next Wave Festival and has been republished on Right Now, Human Rights Australia (Trigger Warning)

For International Women's Day

was for an International Women's Day Event: The Dawn Conspiracy and cuts out awkwardly at the end, aces!


This is me at The Berlin International Literary Festival

competing in SlamReview! Which I won NO BIG DEAL 

And here's a summary of the whole event in German!

You get to see me winning though, which is pretty rad (for me, you probably don't care)


This is my Wheeler Centre talk

in which I call Kyle Sandilands a douche Muffin (pride!) Full transcript over on the Media ^ page.


Two Poems

The Degraves St Tunnel on the Melbourne Poetry Map.

(for your ears)


The Vegetarian Zombie on Cordite

Victorian State Finals

of the National Poetry Slam, ABC were there and filmed my poem