Liner Notes Live at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival! TWO SHOWS! Ziggy Stardust AND The Blues Brothers! WHAT EVEN.

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With Julia Zemiro, Maggie Beer, Andy Griffiths, Dave Graney, Kween Kong and Omar Musa.

Bowie with Yana Alana, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Angie Hart, Alan Duffy, Mantra, Sabrina D'Angelo and Linda Jaivin.

Bowie with Yana Alana, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Angie Hart, Alan Duffy, Mantra, Sabrina D'Angelo and Linda Jaivin.


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.25.54 pm

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.25.54 pm

AND OH! What a Pretty thing it will be.

Liner Notes salutes David Bowie’s masterpiece of Sturm und Drag, on which he introduced the world to the leper Messiah from outer space, Ziggy Stardust. Featuring a live band ripping through the hits like a stiletto caught on satin flares, this is an unforgettable night of stories, spoken word and songs in celebration of a starman surely even Richard Dawkins believes in.

MC, Michael Nolan, will explore the lesser known facts and anecdotes about the album, while the Liner Notes house-band will metamorphose on the night, this time in guise as the Spiders from Mars.

A total blam-blam, we trust you'll agree. Our special guests are preparing to respond to the lyrics, themes or title of their allocated track.

Line Up

Side one:

1. 'Five Years' - Yana Alana

2. 'Soul Love' - Omar Musa & Luka Lesson

3. 'Moonage Daydream' - Sean M Whelan

4. 'Starman' - Mick Harvey

5. 'It Ain't Easy' - Maxine Beneba Clarke

Side two:

6. 'Lady Stardust' - Andy Griffiths

7. 'Hang On To Yourself' - Erik Jensen

8. 'Ziggy Stardust' - Angie Hart

9. 'Suffragette City' - Hannah Gadsby

10. 'Rock 'N' Roll Suicide' - Emilie Zoey Baker

We can’t wait to dust off our red mullet wigs and our highest platform soles - until then, freakout in a moonage daydream. Oh yeah.

Saturday the 17th october ACMI 2! Book tickets here



Liner Notes debuts at the Byron Bay Writers Festival!

For the first time, the Festival turns up the volume as the literary cabaret Liner Notes hits town. One of Melbourne’s best-loved spoken word events, this is a poetic tribute to a classic album, song by song. A stellar line-up of writers, poets and musicians explore their personal connection to that glam ham of wham, bam and thank-you-ma’am – David Bowie. Join us as we salute Bowie’s masterpiece of Sturm und Drag, on which he introduced the world to the leper Messiah from outer space, Ziggy Stardust. Featuring special guests Andrew Denton, Missy Higgins, Andy Griffiths and Benjamin Law with Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Asphyxia, Omar Musa, Luka Lesson, Emilie Zoey Baker and Sean M Whelan.

liner notes

liner notes

So What Even Is It?

Liner Notes has become one of Melbourne's best-loved spoken word events, since its beginnings in 2006. It's a tribute to a classic album

featuring a line-up of writers, comedians and spoken word performers, as well as a live band. For the past three years, we have presented

sell-out shows as part of the MWF's program, themed respectively on Michael Jackson's Thriller, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours and INXS's Kick.

So, what is it exactly? We invite poets, novelists, comedians, hip-hop artists - writers of all kinds - and assign each a track from the

particular album. They create a response to it in any way they see fit and perform on the night in the track-listed order, with a break at the

end of Side One. Our live band re-interprets some of the tracks throughout, and the MC links the pieces with stories about the album and

the artists, like a live Classic Albums documentary. Some performers deliver straight poetry, some tell a story, some are almost stand-up,

some are more or less cabaret. Some tell personal anecdotes about the song or album (when they bought it or first heard it, what it meant to them), some use the lyrics or the song title as a base from which t0 spin off new work, some focus more on the artist or the times, some tell fantastic lies, some dress up, some sing a bit... It can be serious,

surreal, contemplative, funny, dark, whimsical, heartfelt or sneering... All up, it makes for a great themed night, combining the best of

literary, anecdotal and musical pleasures. The line-up has traditionally featured a few regular luminaries of Melbourne's spoken word scene and invited guests, including guests of the MWF. We've been delighted in previous years to have been joined by Angie Hart, Ken Arkind (US), TimClare (UK), Catherine Deveny, Nick Earls, Clare Bowditch, Charlie Pickering, Andrew Denton, Luka Lesson,  Andy Griffiths, Missy Higgins, Richard Fidler, Asphyxia, Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Hannie Rayson, Tim Flannery, Benjamin Law, Deborah Conway, Jeet Thayil (India) Shane Maloney, William McInnes, Denise Scott and Linda Jaivan along with our beloved regulars including Ben Pobjie, Josh Earl, The Bedroom Philosopher, Yana Alana, and Alicia Sometimes.




Track Listing for Ziggy Stardust at the Regal Ballroom

1. ‘Five Years’ YANA ALANA

2. ‘Soul Love’ OMAR MUSA

3. ‘Moonage Daydream’ SEAN M WHELAN

4. ‘Starman’ TIM FLANNERY

5. ‘It Ain't Easy’ FIRST DOG ON THE MOON


Side two

6. ‘Lady Stardust’ BENJAMIN LAW


8. ‘Hang On to Yourself'’ BEN POBJIE

9. ‘Ziggy Stardust’ DEBORAH CONWAY

10. ‘Suffragette City’ JOUMANA HADDAD

11. ‘Rock 'n' Roll Suicide’ EMILIE ZOEY BAKER



We then took the show to The Brisbane Writers Festival! For the launch of the literary love-in, a 24 hour literary mega event. The cast makes me ALMOST FAINT WITH GLEE, THE GOOD GLEE NOT THE SHIT, TV GLEE.

Side one1.‘Five Years’ DAVID "Ghostboy" STAVANGER.


‘Moonage Daydream’ SEAN M WHELAN4. ‘



IntervalSide two

6. ‘Lady Stardust’ DENISE SCOTT

7. ‘Star’ NICK EARLS

8. ‘Ziggy Stardust’ DAVE GRANEY

9. ‘Suffragette City’ JEET THAYIL

10. ‘Rock 'n' Roll Suicide’ EMILIE ZOEY BAKER

Liner Notes: Ziggy Stardust Saturday 8 September Doors from: 7.30 The Powerhouse, New Farm Tickets:




Side 1 1. ‘Second Hand News’ JOSH EARL


3. ‘Never Going Back Again’ ALICIA SOMETIMES


5. ‘Go Your Own Way’ EZB

6. ‘Songbird’ GEORGE DUNFORD

Side 2

7. ‘The Chain’ HANNIE RAYSON

8. ‘You Make Loving Fun’ BEN POBJIE

9. ‘I Don't Want to Know’ SEAN M WHELAN

10. ‘Oh Daddy’ EVA JOHANSEN

11. ‘Gold Dust Woman’ OMAR MUSA

Liner Notes: Rumours Melbourne Writers Festival

Saturday 4 September

Toff in Town Deakin House, Swanston St Tickets: